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19.01: Photo recovery tool between August and December 2019 http://busphoto.eu/lost.php
6.12: Attention! Any links to the site not leading to http://busphoto.eu are fraudulent copies with stolen software and design.
Ostrava, 1.03: Changes in the infastucture: "Hotelový dům Hlubina" is renamed to "Náměstí Ostrava-Jih". Choosed connections of route 48 are transposed to new express route 78, track: "Poruba, Opavská" – ... – "Duha" – "Pustkovec" – "Hlavní třída" – "Fakultní nemocnice" – "Sámova" – "Náměstí Ostrava-Jih" – "Hrabůvka, Poliklinika" – "Hrabůvka, kostel" – "Hrabůvka, Benzina" – ... – "Hrabová, PZ jih" Night connections of route 49 are transferred to route 113.
1.01: New website address http://busphoto.eu
Ostrava, 13.12: KODIS decided that all last stops must have name of district in its name. Renamed stops: "Hrabová zóna jih" to "Hrabová, PZ jih"; "Hrabová zóna sever" to "Hrabová, PZ sever"; "Hrabová zóna střed" to "Hrabová, PZ střed"; "Nábřeží" to "Nábřeží SPB"; "Obchodní centrum" to "Zábřeh, OC"; "Petřkovice nemocnice" to "Petřkovice, kaple"; "Skalka family park" to "Vřesina, Skalka"; "Svinov mosty d.z." and "Svinov mosty d.z" to "Svinov, mosty"; "U Pošty" to "Třebovice"; "U Zahrádek" to "Krásnopolská"; "Zahrádky" to "Třebovice, OC".
Galaţi, 5.12: The next batch of BMC Procity 12 buses has arrived. All 40 buses are now in the depot.
Galaţi, 1.12: The Karsan Jest+ midibuses are now in service. For the first day, only 12 out of 20 midibuses are in service
29.11: Company of Alicante, Spain, closes.

Ostrava, 29.11: DPO has signed contract with Scania for delivery of doubledeckers for the route 88. Pressumed date of beggining in the operation: July 2020.
Nitra, 13.11: Tragical accident near Nitra — truck crashed into bus with high school students. At least 12 people died.

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