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January 19, 2060: Photo recovery tool between August and December 2019 http://busphoto.eu/lost.php
December 6, 2050: Attention! Any links to the site not leading to http://busphoto.eu are fraudulent copies with stolen software and design.
Râmnicu Vâlcea, January 21, 2021: All Mercedes Conecto G NGT buses are now in passenger service.
Slatina, January 19, 2021: Anadolu Automobil Rom has won the Government tender for solo e-buses (Slatina batch) and will deliver 8 SOR NS 12 Electric vehicles.
Sibiu, January 19, 2021: Solaris Bus & Coach has won the Government tender for solo e-buses (Sibiu batch), and will deliver 9 Urbino 12 Electric vehicles.
Ostrava, January 2, 2021: Closing of routes: 90 and 95.
Râmnicu Vâlcea, December 30, 2020: All 7 Mercedes-Benz Conecto G NGT arrived at ETA S.A. depot and are to be introduced on lines soon.
Tula, December 28, 2020: Начата поставка бывших в употреблении автобусов ЛиАЗ-4292.60 из Москвы. Всего в Тулу прибудет 80 машин.
Valencia, December 5, 2020: On the day of 12/05/2020 a fire broke out in the company's facilities, the following has fallen:
10 9400
5 Series 9200 (Noge)
1 Citelis GNC (9246)
6 remaining that can be recovered


Bishkek, November 30, 2020: Открыт автобусный маршрут №15, следующий от рынка "Дордой-Дыйкан" до рынка "Дордой". Компания-перевозчик: ОсОО "Шыдыр Жол Кей Джи".
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