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# Plate Chassis Ser. # Built City Facility Since... Remarks
YN13 GXL Volvo B9R CP37/11 2013 Weymouth Others Elcock Reisen.
151-MN-77 Volvo B11R 4x2 EP12/02 01.2015 Inniskeen Matthews Coach Hire 01.2015
OU65 DFG Volvo B8R 4X2 FP11/02 2016 Oxford Others Pearces of Oxford
GL17 HEN Volvo B8R 4X2 GP09/01 2017 Weymouth Others Henshaw's Travel of Moreton-in-Marsh.
20 YX07 HKM Volvo B12B 3TKR6878 2007 Birmingham Others Whittles of Kidderminster
TUI 4844 Volvo B12M 8TZL6506 2006 Weymouth Others Ex YN06 PFG
GT11 EBT Volvo B9R 8SAZ8817 2011 London Others
BIG 9304 Volvo B10M-62 0112VUL3956 2002 Bath Others Bugler Coaches of Bath. Original registration FE02 FBL.
FJ05 APX Volvo B12B 0512TKT6089 2005 Weymouth Bluebird Coaches
WX05 YTT Volvo B12B 0512TKL6022 2005 Bristol Others 2005 Berkeley Coaches of Paulton
19 YX07 HKL Volvo B12B 0612.3TKR687 2007 London Others Whittles, Kidderminster.
20325 S30 FTR Volvo B7R 0712TWS7406 2007 Swansea First Original registration YN57 BVY.
JJ10 PWJ Volvo B12B 1012TML8480 2010 Weymouth Others P.W. Jones Coaches
KSK 948 Volvo B12B 6x2 8117 2009 Plymouth Others 09.2009 National Express
JL09 RSL Volvo B9R 08123TFR7957 2009 Salisbury - 2015 (?) Assisi Travel of Salisbury. 2015 (?) ex Northampton, FN09 AOL
FPY 025 Volvo Gozo -
ND51 DJD Great Britain, others Others
7093 K3 VOY Volvo B12B 4x2 2005 Newcastle upon Tyne Go North East 12.2005
NH06 KEH Volvo B12M 2006 Burton-upon-Trent B-u-T CT National Holidays
GL56 HET Volvo B7R 2006 Cambridge Others Greys of Ely
KX07 HDK Volvo B12B 2007 Great Britain, others Others Stansted Transit,Stansted Airport
KX07 HDN Volvo B12B 2007 Great Britain, others Others Smith, Ashington
LSK 871 Volvo B12B 6x2 2007 Hamilton Parks
RX07 KDZ Volvo B12B 2007 Reading Others Horseman
MY07 TMD Volvo B12B 2007 Weymouth Others
54003 CN07 BAA Volvo B12B 6x2 04.2007 Winchester Stagecoach Wincheste
HG17 HIG 5337 Volvo B12B 04.2007 Exeter Hamilton Gray 2014 Megabus livery. 2014 ex Oxford, 86 / FB07 OXF
99 JJ08 OXF Volvo B12 2008 Oxford Oxford Bus Company 03.2008
53605 KX58 NBN Volvo B9R 2009 Bedford Stagecoach
54058 KX59 DLK Volvo B12BT 2009 Plymouth Stagecoach
54054 KX09 NCN Volvo B12B 6x2 2009 Rugby - 07.2009 Stagecoach East Midlands
10-MN-268 Volvo B9R 4x2 2009 Inniskeen Matthews Coach Hire 01.2010
SW09 UME Volvo B12M 6x2 2009 Hamilton Parks 03.2014 National Express. До 03.2014 — LSK 510
OU59 BVO Irisbus EuroRider 397E.12.35 10.2009 Oxford Others Pearces Travel
EM10 GSM MAN 2010 Diss Simonds
YN11 FUB Volvo B9R 2011 Great Britain, others Others 06.2011 Berkley Coach, Paulton, Somerset.
11-MN-953 Volvo B9R 4x2 2011 Dundalk Sevens Coaches 09.2017 09.2017 ex Inniskeen
11-MN-2624 Volvo B13RT 04.2011 Inniskeen Matthews Coach Hire 05.2015 05.2015 ex Oxford, SG11 ZXV; 01.2015 ex Hamilton, LSK 875
YN12 CRZ Volvo B9R 2012 Shrewsbury - Minsterley Motors
37 JG12 RAM Volvo B9R 03.2012 Eastbourne - Rambler Coaches, Hastings
PU15 HAM Volvo B11R 4x2 03.2015 Weymouth Others Pulham's Travel

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