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29.05.2021 The first 13 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses are now in passenger service. The last 3 vehicles, along with the 4 fast charging stations are expected to be delivered next month.
01.04.2021 Ticket and transport pass prices have been increased, following the rise of fuel, parts and maintenance prices in general. A one fare ticket now costs 2.50 RON instead of 2 RON, while a 24h bus pass costs 9 RON instead of 6 RON.
15.03.2021 Bus line 6 was officially reopened today, after it was suspended more than 7 years ago. It has a different route, compared to the older one: Craiovița Nouă — Teatrul Național — OLAS PROD.
27.01.2021 The first Solaris Urbino 18 Electric has arrived. It will be introduced on bus line 9 after its registration.
29.04.2020 Solaris has won the tender for new electric articulated vehicles, and will deliver 16 Urbino 18 Electric buses. The first one is expected to arrive in January 2021.
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