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Chervonograd, BAZ-А079.04 "Эталон"

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Plate Chassis Ser.# Built Since... Facility Remarks
ВС 0819 АО TATA LP-613/38 BUS ТзОВ "Авто-Лайн
ВС 0820 АО TATA LP-613/38 BUS ТзОВ "Авто-Лайн Шахта №1 "Великомостовская"
ВС 4796 СВ TATA LP-613/38 BUS Others
ВС 5429 СЕ TATA LP-613/38 BUS 425 2004 2019 Others

Withdrawn, transferred and modernized vehicles

Plate Chassis Ser.# Built Since... Facility Remarks
ВС 0348 ЕН TATA LP-613/38 BUS 981 2005 Others ФОП Василишин М. І. 2014 to Lviv; 2017 to Соп-Транс; 2018 to Lion-Trans; 10.08.2021 to ВС 6649 МТ
ВС 2998 АВ TATA LP-613/38 BUS 410 2004 08.2004 ТзОВ "Авто-Лайн 2014 to Lviv, ВС 3468 СО

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In operation
Not cleared for revenue service
Out of service
Abandoned / Dead storage
Location and status are unknown
Modernized (model changed)
Renumbered or transferred within city
Transferred to another city


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