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Pruszków, Transport Autokarowy "For Trans" Dariusz Buza

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Plate Model Ser.# Built
WU 88197 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo L 17RHD II 261997 2013

Withdrawn, transferred and modernized vehicles

Plate Model Chassis Ser.# Built Since... Remarks
LCL 7551 Karosa LC735.20 21560 1989 1997 1999 to Głogów, 90002; 2000 to Radwanice
WGM 9KR6 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 15RHD II 2015 2019 to Górzyn, DLU 76788
WPR 58656 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 15RHD II 2007 ???? to Cracow, KR 3GH97
WPU 08172 Volvo 9700H Volvo B12B 2004 2010 2010 ex Warsaw, WW 8635M. 2014 to Kouvola, FLG-318

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Color Coding

In operation
Not cleared for revenue service
Out of service
Location and status are unknown
Renumbered or transferred within city
Modernized (model changed)
Transferred to another city
Change of state number (within the company)


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