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Ostrava, Irisbus Crossway 12M

Service:  any  ·  passenger  ·  work / freight  ·  museum

Plate Built Since... Facility Remarks
3AH 6790 2013 03.2013 Others Vězeňská služba ČR
213 99-19 Others Armáda ČR

Withdrawn, transferred and modernized vehicles

Plate Ser.# Built Since... To... Facility Remarks
9T6 4364 7253 2009 12.2014 07.2015 Others BigCars. 12.2014 ex Teplice, 5U6 5279. 07.2015 to Jeseník; 11.2019 to Chomutov, 1UC 8087

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Color Coding

In operation
Not cleared for revenue service
Out of service
Location and status are unknown
Renumbered or transferred within city
Modernized (model changed)
Transferred to another city
Change of state number (within the company)


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