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Austria, Setra S415H

Service:  any  ·  passenger  ·  work / freight  ·  museum

# Plate Built City Facility
B-695 GU Bregenz Others
BZ-MBS 55 Bludenz mbs
OP-775 BX Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf
W-2647 LO 2015 Wien Blaguss
WU-632 EL Bruck an der Leitha -
8365 W-1955 LO Wien Blaguss
8369 W-2013 LO Wien Blaguss
55501 W-2646 LO 2015 Wien Blaguss
55801 W-3869 LO 2018 Wien Blaguss
83501 OP-133 CA 2015 Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf
83503 OP-135 CA 2015 Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf
83505 OP-137 CA 2015 Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf
83510 W-2647 LO 2015 Wien Blaguss
83602 W-3091 LO 2016 Wien Blaguss
83603 W-3092 LO 2016 Wien Blaguss
83604 NK-323 GC 2016 Neunkirchen (Niederösterreich) Neunkirchen
83801 W-2742 LO 2018 Wien Blaguss
83806 OP-217 CJ 2018 Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf
L5460 S-536 ST Salzburg Albus

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Color Coding

In operation
Not cleared for revenue service
Out of service
Abandoned / Dead storage
Location and status are unknown
Modernized (model changed)
Renumbered or transferred within city
Transferred to another city


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