Vehicles without photos

Vyškov, Others

Here are the vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
If you upload photo of any of these vehicles now, it will have all chances to get "I+".

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Passenger vehicles

Years#PlateModelFacilityRemarksLast PhotoTotal Photos
1M9 4873 Karosa LC956E.1072 Others MRÁČEK TRANS. До 06.2021 — Простеёв; до 06.2009 — Оломоуц 0
3SJ 0625 Karosa C935.1034 Récréo Others MRÁČEK TRANS 0
5 9B6 6559 VDL Futura FHD2-139.460 Others Jiří Vykouřil — JV BUS, Bučovice August 25, 2016 1