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January 19, 2060

Photo recovery tool between August and December 2019 http://busphoto.eu/lost.php

December 6, 2050

Attention! Any links to the site not leading to http://busphoto.eu are fraudulent copies with stolen software and design.

Galaţi, September 17, 2020

Tender for 20 Hybrid buses was won by Solaris Bus & Coach.
The contract was signed today.

Kaunas, September 2, 2020

A new route (numbered 00) has opened. It is only operating once a day, only one-way and it is only 4 stops long. Starts at 'Romainių gatvė' bus stop at 7:25 AM and ends at 'Žiemgalių gatvė' bus stop at 7:37 AM. Its reason is to transfer people from Romainiai neighbourhood, which has very little public transport activity, to Šilainiai neighbourhood, from which there is a way better way of getting to other city points.

Prague, August 29, 2020

End of Citybus operation in Prague.

Ostrava, August 7, 2020

Two double-deckers Scania UNVI Urbis DD CNG arrived to Ostrava for DPO. Pressumed date of beggining of operation of new route 88: October 2020

Almaty, July 2, 2020

После трёх дневного закрытия, перевозчик ТОО "АвтоТрансГаз" решил снова вернутся на рынок и начать работать со 02.07.2020 года. Все маршруты, который он ранее обслуживал, вернулись все https://informburo.kz/novosti/avtobusnyy...ya.html

Almaty, June 29, 2020

С 29 июня 2020 года закрылся первозчик ТОО "АвтоТрансГаз". Все его маршруты переданы в ТОО "АлматыЭлектроТранс", за исключением 107 маршрута, который передан в ТОО "БаТу Travel Компаниясы"

Warsaw, June 25, 2020

Автобус упал з моста, один человек погиб: https://warszawa.wyborcza.pl/warszawa/7,....1.duze

May 5, 2020

Valencia, May 4, 2020

The new routes of the EMT company have been produced today 04/05/2020 because they were delayed due to COVID.

Warsaw, April 29, 2020

Z dniem 01.05.2020 zlikwidowane zostaną linie L20 i L22. W zamian przedłużone zostaną linie 702 i 722.

Craiova, April 29, 2020

Solaris has won the tender for new electric articulated vehicles, and will deliver 16 Urbino 18 Electric buses. The first one is expected to arrive in January 2021.

Gomel, April 18, 2020

Филиалу "Автобусный парк №1" исполнилось 60 лет!

Ostrava, March 31, 2020

The end of validity of paper tickets.

Kremenchug, March 16, 2020

Троллейбусным депо начата эксплуатация 10 автобусов МАЗ-103, которые вышли на маршрут № 25 «Ул. Правобережная – ПАО «Укртатнафта». Выпуск в будни 8 машин и в выходные 6 машин, интервал 15 мин, стоимость проезда как и в троллейбусах — 2 грн. Подробности — https://www.kremen.gov.ua/index.php?view...d=16968

Ostrava, March 1, 2020

Changes in the infastucture: "Hotelový dům Hlubina" is renamed to "Náměstí Ostrava-Jih". Choosed connections of route 48 are transposed to new express route 78, track: "Poruba, Opavská" – ... – "Duha" – "Pustkovec" – "Hlavní třída" – "Fakultní nemocnice" – "Sámova" – "Náměstí Ostrava-Jih" – "Hrabůvka, Poliklinika" – "Hrabůvka, kostel" – "Hrabůvka, Benzina" – ... – "Hrabová, PZ jih" Night connections of route 49 are transferred to route 113.

Tver, February 28, 2020

Открытие ООО "Верхневолжское ПАТП"

Craiova, January 13, 2020

All BMC Procity buses are introduced on lines E1T, E1R, 9 and 25.

Kazan, January 11, 2020

ООО "Агромир" официально закрыт.

Craiova, January 4, 2020

After over 30 years of activity, the last 4 ROCAR 112 UDM are withdrawn. In 2017, 31 of these buses were still active, being gradually retired during the next years.

January 1, 2020

New website address http://busphoto.eu

Warsaw, January 1, 2020

Z dniem 01.01.2020 roku zlikwidowana została linia L23 łącząca Raszyn z Pruszkowem.

Warsaw, December 21, 2019

W nocy z 20 na 21 grudnia 2019 odbyła się ostatnia służba Solarisów Urbino 15 w Warszawie. Jako ostatni do zajezdni zjechał wóz o numerze #8718 obsługując 1/N36.

Craiova, December 17, 2019

The first 25 BMC Procity buses arrived in Craiova. A second batch of 13 buses was delivered the following month.

Ostrava, December 13, 2019

KODIS decided that all last stops must have name of district in its name. Renamed stops: "Hrabová zóna jih" to "Hrabová, PZ jih"; "Hrabová zóna sever" to "Hrabová, PZ sever"; "Hrabová zóna střed" to "Hrabová, PZ střed"; "Nábřeží" to "Nábřeží SPB"; "Obchodní centrum" to "Zábřeh, OC"; "Petřkovice nemocnice" to "Petřkovice, kaple"; "Skalka family park" to "Vřesina, Skalka"; "Svinov mosty h.z." and "Svinov mosty d.z" to "Svinov, mosty"; "U Pošty" to "Třebovice"; "U Zahrádek" to "Krásnopolská"; "Zahrádky" to "Třebovice, OC".

Galaţi, December 5, 2019

The next batch of BMC Procity 12 buses has arrived. All 40 buses are now in the depot.

Galaţi, December 1, 2019

The Karsan Jest+ midibuses are now in service. For the first day, only 12 out of 20 midibuses are in service

November 29, 2019

Company of Alicante, Spain, closes.


Ostrava, November 29, 2019

DPO has signed contract with Scania for delivery of doubledeckers for the route 88. Pressumed date of beggining in the operation: July 2020.

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