Recommendation on how to mark photo-information

Before publishing the photo, please pay attention to these simple steps of marking the photo information of Ostrava's database. Why? In order to avoid chaos — the searching of photos is easier and you look more reliably if you mark the photo correctly and won't miss any information. First of all read general rules of marking: http://busphoto.ru/rules/photo

--------------------------------------------------------------Location marking-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
It is recommended to mark the location on the map too (Step 4th) as it helps you find the correct name of the place.

-> Streets
1. If there is the vehicle captured in any section of the route on the photo, always write the name of street where is the vehicle. Before the name put the word street in czech language which is Ulice. So it will be: Ulice + name of the street (find it on the map). Example: Ulice Horní or Ulice Michálkovická Don't worry if the name is complicated, there is the Google so you can copy the exact name.
2. If the vehicle is standing at the stop, still the street has priority. You can write the name of the stop as a note (zastávka is stop in the czech language, put the name of the stop in " ").
3. Few of streets have in the name Třída, in this case don't put the word Ulice because it is replaced by the word Třída which means something like big street. Be careful of that but probably you might take the photo on these two streets: Hlavní třída and Sokolská třída.
4. If the vehicle is captured on the square, then write the name of the square. (Square = Náměstí in the czech l.)

-> End spots of routes / Last stops
1. If the vehicle is standing at the last stop, then use the name of that stop. Near the last stop there is usually the place where the bus turns backwards on the route and in the czech language it is called Obratiště. So it will be: Obratiště + name of the last stop in " ". Example: Obratiště "Michálkovice" or Obratiště "Otakara Jeremiáše"
2. If the vehicle is standing at or is riding throug the end spot for turning back then the same rule (for last stops) applies.

-> Terminal (transfer) stops
If the vehicle is standing at the terminal / transfer stop or in the range of terminal / transfer stop, it is necessary to highlight that. Terminal / transfer stop sometimes might be but sometimes doesn't have to be the last stop of any route. Terminal / transfer stop differs from ordinary stop in that way that it includes lot of platforms in one place and it is built-up so it provides easy transferring for passengers and in general terminal / transfer stops are important. Czech word for terminal / transfer stop is Terminál. It will be: Terminál + name of the stop in " ". Example: Terminál "Hranečník" or Terminál "Hulváky"   
Note: if the bus is at the ÚAN terminal, then write "Ústřední autobusové nádraží" 

-> Other cases
1. If the vehicle is captured in the area of ownership / property or in the area with specific name then write the name of that place. Example: Ústřední dílny Martinov or Landek Park or Trojhalí Karolina
2. If the vehicle is captured during the Czech Raildays then write Czech Raildays.
3. If the vehicle is captured from the inside, then leave the location textbox empty.
4. If the vehicle is captured in district outside of Ostrava, write its name comma and apply the rules on this side. Example: Staříč, H+P Autodemont or Hošťálkovice, Ulice Petřkovická.

If the vehicle on the photo is not riding on the route, write it to the remark.

Note: 1. If there is a tram picture instead of number of route, it means that the A-bus vehicle is used as spared transport instead of tram, then write to remark: NAD (= Náhradní autobusová doprava = Spare A-bus transport)
2. Oftentimes A-buses are spared transport instead of trolleybuses, then write NAD to remark and trolleybus route to textbox for number of route, you recognize it as trolleybus' routes are from number 100 and that A-bus has a little piece of paper on the left side of windshield.

If the vehicle is riding on modified route, write to remarks: following deflected route, you can recognize it on buse — number is smaller.

Služební jízda = Service ride
Zvláštní linka = Special route (usually historical rides)
Zvláštní jízda = Special ride (usually photo-rides)
Zájezd = Ordered ride for a trip
Technická závada = Technical issue
Cvičná jízda = Drive-learning

[style color="red"] Write sequence (kurs) of the route to the description, do not write it to the remark!!! [/style]
[style color="red"] Do not write direction of route in the remark (could be tolerated at spare bus transportation for the tram)!!! [/style]

Sometimes names of stops can be changed, if you're writting name of stop (terminal, end spot) then always write the name used at time you took the photo.

If you have any trouble, ask city editor for a help.