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Общие требования

  • For admission to the site, photographs of buses (diesel, gasoline, hybrid, electric buses and other types of bus transport without a contact network) are allowed), as well as their infrastructure.
  • Selection is made primarily according to quality criteria.
  • Photos should be clear, without pronounced noises, with a smooth horizon, normal brightness levels (selected primarily for the vehicle’s illumination), contrast and saturation, and without other image defects, taken with an adequate focal length.
  • The vehicle should not be far removed from the center of the frame and should fit in the whole frame (trimming of parts is not allowed), should not be blocked by any objects and people, and if possible not contaminated.
  • Angles where only one side of the vehicle is visible are limited.
  • Recommended photo width - at least 1024 pixels.
  • The photo must be taken by you, or you must have written permission from the author to publish.
  • Large inscriptions (copyrights) in the photo are not welcome, if available, publication may be refused.
  • Retouching beyond measure (numbers, vehicle details) is not allowed.
  • For old photos (over 10 years old) and otherwise of high interest (example: a region rare for the site), an exception can be made (conditional or temporary, with subsequent removal if a better one appears).
  • The above criteria are indicative, each photo is considered individually, however, any of the criteria may serve as a reason for rejection.
  • The final decision is made based on the opinion of the photo moderators.

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